Term and Condition

Website link added on tootkaa.com is agreed with following term and condition if anyone looks some problem regarding to their website global rank, name and fame, importance, etc. we request owner to send a mail/contact us for removing that particular website address from our database.

Shortlisting based on total number of visitor visited to a particular website which was manually collected either from that web page or from other website based on their ranking.

Global ranking on this web page may be right with their actual rank or with any other website which also do ranking.

In case of unavailability of visitor data we only add the website link whose visitor is counted through hyperlink given on our webpage.

Ranking is collection of few day back (any date) visitor data.

We don’t give any surety for actual ranking.

Website is collected either from their owner’s mail, searching or any individual reminder/ suggestion.

You cannot make argument, harm or claim on anyone joined/linked with this website.

You have permission to ask if you have any doubt related to this website but can’t about its personal things.

You are also agreeing to follow our given or changed term and condition at any stage of time.